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  1. CHALLENGE - EXPERIENCIAS LOCAS EN EL MU - CHALLENGE - CRAZY EXPERIENCES IN MU - Hi everyone, my name is Franco, (Bayron in game) and this time I come to tell you about one of the craziest experiences that this precious game gave me. πŸ’― First of all, I take the opportunity to encourage you to tell your own story, HOWEVER, there is a condition; at the end of your story you have to challenge your friends to tell theirs. Don't forget to make yourself a coffee, this is going to be good! MY CRAZEST EXPERIENCE: My Boss is my Master Back in 2008, when I was barely 8
  2. ‘BIENVENIDO! Mi nombre es Franco y es mi primer aporte en este Foro. 🧐 ¿Escucharon nombrar a los items Dark Archangel? ¿Quieres saber hasta donde llega su mÑximo potencial? Entonces prepÑrate un café y sigue leyendo que este post, que es perfecto para ti. WELCOME! My name is Franco and it is my first contribution to this Forum. 🧐 Did you hear the items named Dark Archangel? Do you want to know how far its maximum potential reaches? Then make yourself a coffee and keep reading this post, which is perfect for you. Las Archangel: son unas armas especiales q