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  1. Is this allowed in Mu archangel? I think that was with hate, I guess we should solve toxicity with seber punishments, banning one account is not enough, when someone can create several accounts. I think it should be a punishment with the IP. In the picture is clearly how they insult my mother, she did it without fear because she did not insult me with her main account. The people who insulted me : Bloodz & Space (Shalev main account)
  2. That's fine with me, equal balance for all races, but not the same balance with people, I mean if I'm good with mg, people will complain. But if I am good with mg I have to prove it by breaking the balance. Just that, ty
  3. It would be nice if every change in the balance, whether it is 1% more or less defense for each character, could be posted in some forum or discord channel. This would help to know how to arm, what advantage and disadvantage we can have, to know how to arm each character.
  4. It would be nice if they reset the kills of all players, since they recently made a wipe, soon there will be many people who will pvp and participate in pvp events, and are we see that there are top killers who no longer even enter the sv.
  5. thanks to Dragon for helping me with some resets