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  1. Same goes to Ghost horse event. I can't seem to find the phantom ghost horse and inferno ghost horse.
  2. Hello, I just want to share good vibes on this thread. Even though that bloody goblin don't let me get what I want, i still find it very funny hahahuhu. Huge shawrawt to @DoofshiiT I didn't make a video with these three before because those three failed at the very same day, i was somehow very frustrated about it. 1 Blue Legendary Dragon 1 Frozen Ghost Horse 1 Venom Ghost Horse ------------------------------------------------------ And then this happened.... Poor horses, poor fragments, Hello Efforts? Goodbye my babies. πŸ˜† video_20210707_190835_768x432.mp4
  3. Hello, that is only a bug. It happened when you yourself or the other char that you have party with is currently using that password and somehow mistakenly re type and use it again. The only solution you'll need to do is close your client and log in again.