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  1. For a limited time ---Special Sell---- PROMO: 5.000 V CREDITS = 1M ARENA POINTS 23.000 V CREDITS = 5M ARENA POINTS 45.000 V CREDITS = 10 M ARENA POINTS 100.000 V CREDITS = 25 M ARENA POINTS Contact on discord: Hathor or Noam
  2. On 1/20/2021 at 6:23 PM, Admin said: "Every report must have a complete chat window (F4), upload a photo taken with the screen capture key (look in the client's folder in ScreenShots). Photos or videos taken from cell phones are not allowed, edited photos marked or marked are not allowed. The validity of the date for the complaint should not be greater than two days, after that the report would be invalid with a warning to player reported." -------------- - The complete chat window is missing, we do not know how to start the discussion. - The date of the photo has expired (
  3. Hello everyone in this guide we will learn step by step how to upgrade your Archangel waepon (from blood castle) to a Dark Arcangel Weapon 1- Once your weapon is +15 add options until full - Put archangel evolution stone on it until reaching T10 (may fail but you do not lose the items only the stone) - Then go to the chaos machine and place the weapon, 3 evolutions stone and a Dark evolution stone T4 of the race to which the weapon belongs. with good luck you will obtain an evolved random weapon. once evolved you can add slots with the jewel o
  4. I know it's frustrating not being able to level fairly with so many characters who are really obsessed with killing and chasing you guys, they are only 3, we will see how they act when they all have the same resets. Unfortunately there is no sansion or penalty for the pk, we can't talk about something illegal, I already made the request to TheRoyal to open a non-pvp server so you can fill your stats and then go for them on equal terms. I ask you patience. It is a pvp game. If irritability and lack of play criteria could be addressed, these characters would already be expelled from the server.
  5. Entiendo tu punto, pero ese skill de DL existe y es una herramienta practica para muchas situaciones, pero si tengo tomar represalias por esto, tengo que banear a todos aquellos que estuvieron en un party con un DL. Esto es simplemente que falta editar algunas cosas por TheRoyal. Entre otras cosas que no a todas las razas el DL puede sumonear dependiendo del lvl que tengan, por ejemplo BM, como me comento e master de ILovePK. I understand your point, but that DL skill exists and is a practical tool for many situations, but if I have to retaliate for this, I have to ban all those who we
  6. Hathor


    Considering your behavior and that you also have reports, even if it is a PVP server, killing AFK players, whether or not it was you in your character, and all of you are responsible for the movement that the server is taking, because you do not know how to win and you do not know how to lose, all of you misuse the post command with your personal fights, I cannot take this report as valid. 1- The full chat window is not shown, I can't know who started the discussion and what did you say for UROS to respond that way. 2- All of you have been arguing for post all day, don't expect someo
  7. Si vas al final de la pagina, pones el nombre delclan en el buscador aparece el clan, y le das clik y salen todos los miembros dle mismo
  8. Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ₯‚ @Gloom@Lyro@adrieljul First Top 40
  9. Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ₯‚ @Gloom@Lyro@adrieljul First Top 30
  10. TheRoyal .....New Update.... Players πŸ’’... One hour leveling... ⚑
  11. Dear ArchangelMU Community~! Welcome to the NEW Update topic of 16/06/2021 ArchangelMu - New UPDATE Server EXP: X100 πŸ”₯ All Characters Stats & Resets is about to getting reset! Items will stay in your character . All the characters in the server will start from LV1 Arena - CLOSED! Archangel Arena - CLOSED! NEW SPOTS All over the maps! New "Battle Arena" Event , New Updates , New Items , New Quests , New Content , and more ways to reach Items! A lot of REWARDS for Players who reach 10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100 Resets Tournament - Competition by the GMS ! N