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  1. Hello, could you provide us a video with the issue?
  2. Hello, all I can say is that illusion can do whatever he wants. Please be openminded and have more patience always. Next time, please don't forget to read reporting rules and especially the game rules. Happy Gaming!
  3. Congratulations winning the Grauda Feather Tier 12 @DoofshiiT!
  4. Hola, ΒΏtienes alguna prueba sobre lo que reclamas? Por lo que puedo recordar, es su alianza ILovePK quien domina dicho evento.
  5. Date:6/09/2021 Hide&Seek Event(Prize: 40,000 Arena Points) Winners: Gloom 2x ANASHE Math Event(Prize: 40,000 Arena Points) Winner: XxCroixX Capitals & Countries (Prize: 40,000 Arena Points) Violent Date: 6/11/2021 Hide&Seek Event (Tier1 Evolution Stone) DoofshiiT2x Kykio Fashion2x MATH EVENT (Prize:50,000 Credits) Gladiator Drop event in Lorencia bar(+Box of Kundun drops) Store event in Losttower1
  6. Hello you got the wrong game. /Closed
  7. Congratulations to Heroes guild! πŸ˜€
  8. Date: 06/06/2021 Drop Event! ( With Box of Kundun Drops) Math Event (1JOE+2 Dark Jewels) Winner: XxCroixX Hide & Seek Event! (Prize: 2 Random Jewels) Zeldri 2x
  9. Date: 06/05/2021 Math event (Prize 1joe+2bundle Jewels) Winner: Magoff Hide & Seek (Prize: 2 random jewels) Winners: Athenas OniTusKa koku Drop Events! (With Box of Kundun Drops)
  10. Granted /Closed.
  11. Hello, thank you for reaching out your concern. Rest assured that we will do our best to give you the best gaming experience you've ever had.
  12. Hello the referral system has been disabled by our administrator because the players are abusing it by changing IP Address. Thank you, I hope you understand.
  13. Date: 06/04/2021 Drop Events! (With Box of Kundun Drops) Hide & Seek Event (Prize: Random Jewels) Winners: ASTAROS koku KingARTURO PART II Math Event (Prize: 3 random jewels) ANASHE Scramble Words Event(Prize: 2 random jewels) ANASHE-2x Lunafreya-2x OniTusKa Hide&Seek Event (Prize:1JOE+1Jewel OF Dark Soul/Bless) ASTAROS ALEJANDRA ANASHE
  14. Date: 06/03/2021 #1 Hide&Seek Event (Prizes: Fenrirs and Bundles of Jewel) Winners: Athenas 2x Lunafreya Gloom OniTusKa #2 Countries& Capital(Prizes: 1BOK+6& 2 BOK+6) Winner: ANASHE #3 Drop Events! 2x (With Box of Kundun Drops)
  15. Congrats to ILovePK Alliance! πŸ˜€