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  1. I understand πŸ™‚ arguing with others doesnt solve anything. thanks anyway.
  2. I know this is PVP server, because we dont have a choice to go to non PVP to level. Thanks anyway
  3. In that case, if thats what he enjoyed, killing AFK then i cant do anything about it. thanks for the game. -Signing off
  4. I would like to report this player for being toxic and killing other players while AFK. Im just trying to level to get strong but this player/helper instead of helping others, he killed me without any reason. i didnt get a screenshot because i was farming. That kind of attitude doesnt deserve in this server. If this person doesnt get punishment, i will quit this game with other pinoy players too. Thanks
  5. How many allies can a Guild can get? I would like to suggest to have a limit of 3 guilds in allies. Its just unfair for those guild that doesnt have allies
  6. im suggesting too to add more spots on arena, theres a lot of space.