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Found 9 results

  1. Dear ArchangelMU Community . After we fixed all the problems that we had since we updated the game. Now we decided to give away free 50,000 VIP Credits for every player that will reach 20 Resets in the game! One reward per account and per IP This event will be activated until 20/07 . After you will reach 20 Resets with your character please type here your IGCN and we will give away for you that rewards! We are very sorry and trying to get better ❀️ Love all of you , ArchangelMU ! βš”οΈ
  2. πŸ’Ž Divine Archangel Auction πŸ’Ž Insane auction on Divine Archangel Weapons+15+FO πŸ”₯ The winner can choose: 2X Claw / 1X Lance / 1X Stick / 2X Blade / 1X Scepter / 2X Swords / 1X Crossbow / 1X Staff Auction method: - You are allowed to offer only with Arena Points (AP) - The jumps from bid to bid are at 100,000 AP minimum Example: IGCN: Noam Bid: 400K AP IGCN: Hathor Bid: 500K AP IGCN: Noam Bid: 700K AP Starting price for the auction: 300K AP How to participate? According to the form Rules: 1. No spam
  3. ROAD TO 100 RESETS?! βš”οΈ Welcome to Archangel Reset Competition βš”οΈ The new update has been released, and it's time to make as many resets as possible. The first 3 members are achieve the number of resets will win prizes! 5 Reset Prize: x2 Swords of Ruin Destruction [V2] ] Winners are : @adrieljul @Gloom @Lyro 10 Reset Pet Egg + Pet Mount! Winners are : @Gloom@Lyro@adrieljul 20 Reset Knight Scale + 15 + FO / Pandora Sphinx +15 + FO / Mysthical Wind + 15 + FO ! (The First Player of the top 3 select which one he wants first) Winners are : @Gloom@Lyro@a
  4. Hi guys! good news! a reward is waiting 10,000 VIP Credits for each user that comment in this topic with your IGCN. Show me your love, send reactions! Go go go !
  5. Hello Everyone starting today I am posting every winners & prizes of the events I will be hosting. (5/22/2021) #1 Hide & Seek Event (Prize: Grauda Feather Tier 2) Winners: DoofshiiT-2x Zeldri #2 Math Event( Prize: 1 Jewel of Excellent+1 Random Bundle of Jewels+1) Orcadia- #3 Drop Event in Lorencia Bar 3x
  6. Hey Bro's, Ready For Your Challenge ? The First User who will get 100 comments in the whole Forum , Will win : 250,000 Arena Points ! Simply As Its Sound Rules : - Dont Comment Twice at the same Topic - Dont Spam For Nothing - Have Fun The First User Who Will get 100 Comments, Need to screenshot his profile and uplaod it to the "Request For Reward" Forum Regards, Hunter, Project Manager Archangel mu
  7. Dear ArchangelMU Community, We would like to make a lottery of set Great Dragon +15 FO + couple Knight +15 FO! To Participate this Lottery you need to have at least 10 posts in our forum community. And after that Respond here by format: "My nick on the server: XXXXX Why do I deserve to win: XXXXX Good luck to everyone" The lottery closes on Thursday 6.5.21 At 6 AM Good week and good luck to everyone πŸ™‚ AmielGM
  8. Dear Players, We are proud to present to you the flowering season of ArchangelMU! Opening the server for us is like the cherry blossoms that came in the spring And we proud of you for being part in our community In honor of this moment you served for almost two weeks in the air and it is blooming so beautifully We would like to create for you a new event that's called Cherry Blossom ! πŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŒΈ At this event you will be able to win lots of Rewards that will effect your game πŸ™‚ πŸŒΈπŸ’ Cherry Blossom Event Rewards! πŸ’πŸŒΈ To check the Event Rewards: Click Here! We wish you every su
  9. Your Server Admin Just Gone Crazy, Starting Today at 00:00 And For 48 Hours Only The Prices Of The Next Item Will Be Discounted : - Talisman Of Chaos Assembly - From 150,000 Ap To 100,000 Ap Only ! - Talisman Of Luck - From 35,000 Ap To 27,000 Ap Only ! Go Get Your Talisman ! Regard, Hunter, Project Maneger