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Found 23 results

  1. Recently got back in to MU after a 6 year hiatus. Tried out a bunch of servers and this one so far has just been on a different level from the game it self to the staff! Hopefully we can grow the population and make this server #1. If you're on the forum just lurking for information, give it a try you wont regret it.
  2. Hello, I just want to share good vibes on this thread. Even though that bloody goblin don't let me get what I want, i still find it very funny hahahuhu. Huge shawrawt to @DoofshiiT I didn't make a video with these three before because those three failed at the very same day, i was somehow very frustrated about it. 1 Blue Legendary Dragon 1 Frozen Ghost Horse 1 Venom Ghost Horse ------------------------------------------------------ And then this happened.... Poor horses, poor fragments, Hello Efforts? Goodbye my babies. πŸ˜† video_20210707_190835_768x432.mp4
  3. i want to say thx to dragon that helped me and he taught me and He explained to me how the game work
  4. Thank you Pretty for helping me with a +15 wing , always seeing in post asking if anyone needs help, muchly appreciated !
  5. I am very grateful to Pretty for helping me with the first reset. I hope there are more good people like you
  6. Close it immediately !! Last time you change what you want !!!
  7. i want to say thank to Godd the only one that never give up on me and always helped me to level up so thank you very much hope everybody will be like you <3
  8. thanks to Dragon for helping me with some resets
  9. ty u a great man
  10. I'd like to thank illussion for helping me at least at the beginning for the few starting resets plus he gave me some BIS items which is why i so appreciate him! If you are a user on this forum, thank you for the help and I wish as all the best πŸ™‚
  11. i need to tell you all about one of the best players here illusion just do all the best for new players like me he help me with levels with wings creations and with other things who is so hard to reach for newbies like me // thanks you man and i wish you all the best AAAND SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH BUUT I WANT TO TELL THIS TO ALL
  12. CHALLENGE - EXPERIENCIAS LOCAS EN EL MU - CHALLENGE - CRAZY EXPERIENCES IN MU - Hi everyone, my name is Franco, (Bayron in game) and this time I come to tell you about one of the craziest experiences that this precious game gave me. πŸ’― First of all, I take the opportunity to encourage you to tell your own story, HOWEVER, there is a condition; at the end of your story you have to challenge your friends to tell theirs. Don't forget to make yourself a coffee, this is going to be good! MY CRAZEST EXPERIENCE: My Boss is my Master Back in 2008, when I was barely 8
  13. I was walking like no one's business in the good ol' Noria. I just wanted to breathe the nice air around, when I realized the Cherry Blossom Spirit left her spot... I thought maybe she needed to go to the bathroom, so I didn't think much about it and left. I came back after a while to see if she was in her spot again, but nope; still nowhere to be found. So I ran around, and searched for her. I found Yoda, but he was an impostor, and I didn't have zen to pay him for help to find the Spirit. After a while, I found her. She was just chilling with the Elf Buffer
  14. ty for all the help to me
  15. I'm a new player and needed a jump start. Spell helped out, boosted me and even lend me Zen.. You're a true hero of this server Spell. More power!!
  16. amazing player that help me
  17. Guy named Spell helped me a lot early on, with zen, help with resets, and knowledge of the game. Keep up the good work
  18. Im a new player and i was struggling how to level up and farm suddenly this Spell named player helped me a true hero and a good player
  19. Thank you Soul for helping me train my Wizzard (MrWhite)
  20. Hi, just installed the game and was struggling with the first reset. Spell helped me with lvling and equip Glad to know there are people like him in this server.
  21. i just started to play and this player help me so much nickname: WOMAN
  22. He has been helping me a lot in the game , thank you Soul!!! , you are a great person , :D Th