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Found 18 results

  1. hey, I'm start to go kill bosses, and I saw that almost all the location that wrote on the Guide Isn't right... I would like if you can to update this Guide that we can find that bosses and not need to looking for them all over the maps.. Ty.
  2. It would be nice if every change in the balance, whether it is 1% more or less defense for each character, could be posted in some forum or discord channel. This would help to know how to arm, what advantage and disadvantage we can have, to know how to arm each character.
  3. It would be nice if they reset the kills of all players, since they recently made a wipe, soon there will be many people who will pvp and participate in pvp events, and are we see that there are top killers who no longer even enter the sv.
  4. good morning Due to the difficulty of the level, we bought the seals to level up and the server from this morning at 3 am to the present day has been falling and making us lose time of leveling of our characters and even worse times of the seals which are not exactly cheap (less compared to the ranking rewards) I would like to know if they could recognize us or reward us at least with the lost time of the seals .. since if it is not a scam to pay that amount of credits for 24 hours which the sv made us lose approximately 10 to 8 hours.
  5. Hello I do this post in the hope that I will not be ignored. It would be good if the seals can be bought with Arena Points since with credits not everyone can access them and they are expensive I hope they take into account this suggestion and can do something. Thanks
  6. Kind regards πŸ˜„ This post is with the suggestion of creating a more active and fun community, in which everyone feels comfortable when it comes to investing their time on the server. Incentivize players and reward those active players. By this I mean that we are on a server worth playing in, but many times it happens that we've been active for hours and really, it doesn't feel worth it, since there is nothing productive to do. The lack of things to do, does not motivate people to be active, makes you want to leave AFK the character and connect only for events ... By this I mean it wou
  7. Good day! I just want to know if there is any guides for Arkis Dragon Part3? Thank you!
  8. Hello, i've had this idea: What about a test realm where selected people could test different stuff like mechanics, synergies, damage values, etc. This way we could gather evidence of different stuff that people report or give feedback, and test it freely. In this realm those selected people could acces to every item in the current game. This type of realm its used on every competitive game for balancing propuse. This realm will also help with testing of incoming patches, instead of having the risk or tweaking/nerfing/buffing on live close to some big event, y
  9. Forum Name: Gannel In-game Name: Gannel Suggestions for: Game Hello everyone, i just wanted to suggest about having a mini map. Since we do have new maps I think having this kind of features in game will be helpful to everyone especially to those newcomers. P.S: Anyone can reply to this thread if you have more suggestion that can be add up with this topic please do not hesitate to write it in here. Regards, GannelGM
  10. please put more boss monster mostly it doest drop horse spirit
  11. Good morning Crew, the devil square is a long and monotonous event, the idea that you had with the BLood Castle is great, my suggestion is to return the Devil Square pvp with a prize in arena points or credits, it would be a nice massacre, don't you think? Thanks! Atte. WHAPO.
  12. Good afternoon, I hope you are doing well on your day. On this occasion I would like to suggest the following. In the Casttle Ciege, the attacking Master Guild should lose the accumulated seconds when they kill it, otherwise it could accumulate 59 seconds and in the last minute crown, this form of game seems absurd to me, since we will be 1 hour waiting for something that we know that It will happen. I think my suggestion is the most reasonable thing for us to have a smooth and active CS. I hope to have some answer about it. From already thank you very much. At: WHAPO
  13. i think we can improve things by stacking rena. it is quite imposible to have 64 ( a full inventory without any other items.) also it not able to be deposited in stash. Furthermore i believe the altar items, such as quest items dropped from bosses being able to deposit in stash. the magic backpack i believe it has a count. you 255 of it. but if you deposit one that has 22 counts in stash and have another that has whatever counts in inventory then they don't stack, which in my opinion it should.
  14. I found out that sometimes multishot doesnt hit the monster in auto
  15. Most of the bosses says it respawns but i already roam the whole map and ddnt see bosses
  16. Forum NickName : zegcio Game NickName: zegcio Suggestions For : Game Content : i would like to see a map in game with spots listed on it cause hunting 15k mobs for quest without knowledge where the spots are is really hard.
  17. I notice that theres an issue ingame of boss appearance, in the server notice says for example, Diamond Pegasus appeared, but in the events list and time (when you press H) different boss appeared which is the real boss. Thank you.