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  1. Hello everyone in this guide we will learn step by step how to upgrade your Archangel waepon (from blood castle) to a Dark Arcangel Weapon 1- Once your weapon is +15 add options until full - Put archangel evolution stone on it until reaching T10 (may fail but you do not lose the items only the stone) - Then go to the chaos machine and place the weapon, 3 evolutions stone and a Dark evolution stone T4 of the race to which the weapon belongs. with good luck you will obtain an evolved random weapon. once evolved you can add slots with the jewel o
  2. Dear ArchangelMU Community! In this guide we will learn about all the classes combo in the game πŸ™‚ Regards,ArchangelMU !
  3. ‘BIENVENIDO! Mi nombre es Franco y es mi primer aporte en este Foro. 🧐 ¿Escucharon nombrar a los items Dark Archangel? ¿Quieres saber hasta donde llega su mÑximo potencial? Entonces prepÑrate un café y sigue leyendo que este post, que es perfecto para ti. WELCOME! My name is Franco and it is my first contribution to this Forum. 🧐 Did you hear the items named Dark Archangel? Do you want to know how far its maximum potential reaches? Then make yourself a coffee and keep reading this post, which is perfect for you. Las Archangel: son unas armas especiales q
  4. Hello dear players!. so today we're here to discuss about the amazing system we've got on ArchangelMU. ArchangelMU Jewels JEWEL OF SKILL PRICE : 3,000 ARENA POINTS If you're missing the SKILL option on your weapon you can put this jewel on the weapon and it will add the weapon skill to the weapon. JEWEL OF EXCELLENT PRICE : 50,000 ARENA POINTS This jewel can be used to add excellent options for your items, and create by YOURSELF! a F.O ( FULL OPTION ) item. the excellent jewel has a 70% success chance, which means theres a chance of failure
  5. How to craft & upgrade wings level Hello everyone in this guide we will learn, how to create and upgrade your wings. First of all the Wings has 13 Tiers, in ArchangelMu. which means that you have 13 Diffrent ranks of Leveling-up your wings until they get into "Max Evolved" the Wings is used for Upgrade your Character , the get you addicinoal Defense \ DMG \ or what ever options its has. First of all lets make your's first wing! to Create a wings you will have to get this Items: 1 - Foch's Fether 5 - Jewel Of Bless 5 - Jewel Of Soul 1
  6. Dear Archangel Community Players, In this guide we will learn how you can upgrade all of the Items in-game into Version 2. Before we begin we would like to explain to you what is "Items Version 2" Items V2 These are Items that have been upgraded in the game by a stone that's called "Armor Evolution Stone" every Item in the game has an upgrade to V2, and it can be upgraded only by using this stone. When an Item is upgraded its amount of power or defense increases significantly and it looks much better in the game. The Items can be Upgraded by the stone only when their reached Lev
  7. Hello dear ArchangelMU players! In this guide I'll explain about all kind of the dragons (part of this event). The Dragons Event The dragons will spawn at 9:30, 21:30 [ SERVER TIME ] ( GMT+2 ) Blue&Red Dragons The blue&red dragon are end-game bosses, which give you insane loot that you can boost your character with. Dragon slayer tickets drops in Frozen Lake & Inferno Hell from random monsters. - Dragon Slayer Ticket Frozen lakes drops the ticket for the blue dragon, and in inferno hell you can obtain the other card for the red dragon. in order to ent
  8. Hello dear players! In this guide I'll explain how to upgrade items from level 9 up to 15. For all of combines you have to go to Chaos Machine which located in Green Noria (180,102) First you have to upgrade your item to level +9. You can do that with soul and bless jewels or the dark jewels. And now we'll see the requirements for level +10-15. Note: During all combinations, there is a possibility of losing the items Combining the item to level +10 Combining the item to level +11 Combining the item to level +12 Combining the ite
  9. ALAS πŸ₯° Considera que la defensa que dejo como referencia es cuando se suben a +15 NIVEL 6 ALAS DE SPARROW DEF 316 https://imgur.com/CydKbts NIVEL 7 ALAS DE ILUMINATI DEF 532 https://imgur.com/RsXAqZ3 NIVEL 8 ALAS DE PÁJARO AZUL DEF 686 https://imgur.com/T2ECXXH NIVEL 9 ALAS DE COLA AZUL DEF 841 https://imgur.com/a/MN5EUbu NIVEL 10 ALAS DE PHOENIX DEF 995 https://imgur.com/xegRbFh NIVEL 11 ALAS DE LA NOCHE DEF 1150 https://imgur.com/maHgaKv NIVEL 12 ALAS DE LA LUNA DEF 1356 https://imgur.com/epxy9uj NIVEL 13 ALAS DE LA LUNA QUEEN DEF 1613 https:/
  10. ALAS πŸ₯° Considera que la defensa que dejo como referencia es cuando se suben a +15 ALAS DE MARIPOSA NIVEL2 +15 DEF 71 https://imgur.com/TZCA5mg ALAS DE PÚRPURA NIVEL 3 +15 DEF 91 https://imgur.com/2qdrQf3 ALAS DE BOSQUE NIVEL 4 +15 DEF 131 https://imgur.com/cE6c4fP ALAS DE FLORACIΓ“N NIVEL 5 +15 DEF 216 https://imgur.com/70c9rp7 ALAS DE ESPÍRITU NIVEL 6 +15 DEF 316 https://imgur.com/IuhpdMe ALAS DE MYSTIC NIVEL 7 + 15 DEF 532 https://imgur.com/cD1ZyYN ALAS DE LA NATURALEZA NIVEL 8 +15 DEF 616 https://imgur.com/We9wpF6 ALAS DE FE NIVEL 9 +15 DEF
  11. Hello Dear Warriors This Guide Will Show You How Teleport Maps Work On ArchangelMu ! Lorencia Level Required:10 Zen Cost: 5,000 Noria Level Required:10 Zen Cost: 5,000 Ebeland Sky Level Required:10 Zen Cost: 5,000 Ancient Greece Level Required:30 Zen Cost: 10,000 Frozen Devias Level Required: 30 Zen Cost: 20,000 Devias Battle Level Required:30 Zen Cost:25,000 Devias Curch Level Required:40 Zen Cost:25,000 Devias Ground Level Required:40
  12. Devil square What is Devil Square: Devil Square is an event to test the strength and stamina of MU Online players. How to enter the quest: To enter the event, you need to create the Devil Square Invitation. You can create this item by searching Devil Key and Devil Eye, along with jewel of chaos you can combine all items on Chaos Machine. Required Items: X1 Devil Key +1~+7 X1 Devil Eye +1~+7 X1 Jewel Of Chaos Items drop in every map from every monster. The stronger the monsters, the higher the level of the item. You must combine Devil Key and Devil Eye at the sa
  13. Full Commands Guide: Hello Warriors This Guide will show you all the commands that players can use in ArchangelMU! There are commands which cost Arena Points, Zen, Credits, and some commands can be used only by VIP. Regards, ArchangelMu. Thanks to @Stylish, for helping us to making this guide.
  14. Dear Archangels! Today we wil learn about the Ghost Horse Event. In this guide you will find a full information include how to create a Royal Ghost Horse! There are 4 types of horses. To create each horse, you need to collect 5 fragments of the same color. Venom Ghost Horse This Rider Spawn in: Darkness Forest Locations: ( 36 , 58 ) ( 132 , 92 ) ( 179 , 18 ) Boss HP: 540,000,000 Boss Damage: 80,000~93,000 Boss Defense: 10000 Drop: Jewels, Box of Kundun +6/7, Jewel of Dark Bless, Jewel of Dark Soul,Jewely Box, Venom Ghost Horse Fragments! With 5 Fra
  15. Drop Zen Formula If you kill monster there is a chance of 40% to get zen and 35% for VIP Users But how to calculate how much zen the monster will be drop? Its quite a simple, you should calculate the zen drop by this formula: Monster Level X 3000 + %ItemsBonus . for example if the monster is level 10 I will get 10X3000 = 30000 Zen. If you have 2 Items that will increase the zen drop by 10% the formula is : 12X3000 = 36000 Zen. Each Item that has Excellent Option to zen increase will give you a bonus of +10% zen. VIP Users Zen Formula is : Monster Level X 4
  16. Battles (PvP) The player versus player (PvP) system in MuOnline allows you to feel your superiority and uniqueness. The ability to hunt other players or become a victim adds zest to the gameplay. Battles With the PK (Player-Killing) system, players can take part in battles with each other on servers that support such a system (non-PVP muonline servers are usually for new players and for those who do not want to fight each other using the PK system). Such a system will allow you to get rid of those who obsessively interfere (for example, when another player chases you and kills your
  17. Party game Playing in the party (party) - a way to play MU Online, in which different players can form a group and travel the world together. Hunting together will allow you to defeat extremely powerful monsters, which are very difficult or almost impossible to defeat alone. And playing in the party, you will find that playing in a group with players of different classes helps you to develop faster. Players can create their own party from level 6, but you can join a party from any level. The party can have a maximum of 5 people. When in a party, the experience gained is div
  18. Trading at MuOnline Trade window between two players in MU Online Trading is an important part of the MuOnline game. She can start your interpersonal relationships with other players and help you improve your equipment. While playing MU Online, you may find yourself in a situation where you just need to trade Zen (a form of money used in MuOnline) or items with other players. When exchanging items, you can simply drop your item on the ground and another player can pick it up. However, for safe trading, it is recommended that you use the trading system implemented in MU. Go to the pla
  19. ArchangelMu - BattleRoyale Full Guide Hello Heroes and Welcome to the BattleRoyale Event Guide! In this guide we will explain how the event works, how to register, how to play, and what prize you can win! BattleRoyale is a unique and very strategic fighting event that allows all players to play inside the prison we have built for you. The players who participate in the event are equal in strength! it does not matter if you are a level 1 player or if you are level 400 with 20 resets - there is no difference at all I mean in this event - everyone is equal and everyone
  20. Archangel Arena hey guys in this guide we will learn about the Archangel Arena Event that start every 3 hours in our server. Archangel Arena is an event that you can earn a lot of Arena Points by killing Monsters & Bosses. Every 3 hours when the event will begin a 16 cursed monsters will be spawned in 16 cages and after you will defeat them you will be able to earn Arena Points! (Cursed - means they are much stronger than the regular mobs!) CAGES REWARDS: Cage number 1#: 250 Arena Points Cage number 2#: 350 Arena Points Cage number 3#: 500 Arena Points Cage number 4
  21. Blood Castle Lore: "After the war our heroes realized that they had the opportunity to win and become stronger while Inside the castle there are monsters hungry for blood. our Heroes, managed to defeat the Castle of Blood, because they want to be stronger, because of the war when the wave of the chaos occurred. The Archangel's weapons were scattered throughout the castle You must return them in order to Bring back the Glory to the MU-World!" New Evolution Of Blood Castle: The new evolution of Blood Castle allows you to obtain the same weapons called an Archangel. In the new evo
  22. Game Controls: - Left mouse button: Move, Attack, lean, or sit down - Right mouse button: use skills / items - [Ctrl] + mouse click: Attack another player (PK) - [Ctrl] 3 Times : Enable PVP Mode - [End]: Open VIP Shop - [Shift]: Open the Market Place Window - [F1]: Help - [F2]: Activate general chat messages - [F3] : Activate private messages On / Off - [F4]: Resize the chat window - [F5]: Activate the muonline when a message arrives - [F6]: Hide the muonline muonline - [F8]: Rankings Table - [F10]: Turn on / Turn off - 3D Camera - [F11]: Reset 3D Camera - [E
  23. Tournament PVP Championship! Heroes, we would like to test who is the best strongest player in ArchangelMu! Every week on Saturday 22:00 Server Time Will be a tournament on our servers of PVP ChampionShip βš”οΈ In This event there will be Battles against the players registered to this event in 1VS1 and there is no-limit for the count of the players can be joined into this event! The Battle will be until 3 Kill Score and the winner of the battle will skip to the next round until 2 players will fight in the Final Battle! We have builded for this special event special battle area and
  24. βš”οΈ ArchangelMu | Guild Wars - Full Guide βš”οΈ Event start every Monday at 04:00 and Thursday at 18:00 server time. In the Guild Wars Event you will need to kill enemies guild members. The guild will has owned the must kills in this event will be the winners of the event. To join the Event you have to talk with "The Adviser of The King" located at Lorencia [130,121] : After that you will be teleported to the "Awating Room" there you can buy Potions and see your guild enemies. The Guild Wars event will be started after 2 minutes . When the event will be started all of the