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Found 7 results

  1. i downloaded last night . cant seem to play it . turned off firewall , anti-virus , placed it in DEP . only opens launcher . downloaded the one in MEGA .
  2. Good evening, I wanted to report that my clan (VALHALLA) does not appear on the page and there are other "ghost" clans that do appear, on the other hand I give my humble opinion that they should take out those clans that do not have people who do not even play. That's all! Thanks a lot! Atthe: WHAPO
  3. Hi, After entering my account and password. The game is stuck in this position :
  4. Hey I am vip account and I don’t see my + 10% Can someone fix that for me?
  5. hey i need to get Vip on the fourm i have vip on the game my nick on the game - SuperHero
  6. I accidentally deleted my account yesterday evening. It was a very innocent mistake as I was just exploring some features of the game. I tried creating a new character under my main account and decided to delete the character afterwards. It was already too late when I realized I have deleted my whole account. I have been playing the game for less than 20 days I think and I am a VIP 5 player. I already created a ticket and have not received a reply on my email, so I am trying my luck here. I am still hoping there is something you can do to retrieve my account. Thanks! IGN: HEAVEN SER
  7. Character Name: Violent Explanation of the Bug: i bought t6 and t7 garuda feathers in xshop but after transferring it to my inventory, ended up getting Ex Titan Gloves +15 F.Oand Exc Oracle Gloves +15 F.O. at first, i thought its just a glitch so i tried to buy another t6 in hopes that it would work. ended up getting anothet Ex Titan Gloves +15 F.O. all transactions spent using credits. will include screenshots. Date Happened: 06/07/22 around 12-2am MNL Time.