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Found 2 results

  1. Dear ArchangelMU Community~! Welcome to the NEW Update topic of 16/06/2021 ArchangelMu - New UPDATE Server EXP: X100 πŸ”₯ All Characters Stats & Resets is about to getting reset! Items will stay in your character . All the characters in the server will start from LV1 Arena - CLOSED! Archangel Arena - CLOSED! NEW SPOTS All over the maps! New "Battle Arena" Event , New Updates , New Items , New Quests , New Content , and more ways to reach Items! A lot of REWARDS for Players who reach 10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100 Resets Tournament - Competition by the GMS ! N
  2. Dear ArchangelMU Community~! Welcome to the NEW Update topic of 14/05/2021 New Feautures: 1.Box of Kundun+9 Has been Released! To upgrade this set tier you need "Dark Evolution Stones". This stones can be combined by using 2 Evolution Stones [Tier 3] & Jewel of Darkness. Jewel of Darkness can be Obtained from the Dragon of Darkness! Box of Kundun +8 & Box of Kundun +9 Items can be used with (5 SOCKETS SLOTS!) Weapons of Box of Kundun+8 can be evolved now only by using Dark Evolution Stone. 2. Magic Backpack Fargments! Now you can obtain in the Global