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ArchangelMu | PVP Championship!

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Tournament PVP Championship!
Heroes, we would like to test who is the best strongest player in ArchangelMu!
Every week on Saturday 22:00 Server Time
Will be a tournament on our servers of PVP ChampionShip ⚔️
In This event there will be Battles against the players registered to this event in 1VS1
 and there is no-limit for the count of the players can be joined into this event!
The Battle will be until 3 Kill Score and the winner of the battle will skip to the next round until 2 players will fight in the Final Battle!
We have builded for this special event special battle area and you can fight & watch the battles during this event!
For every round you will win the players will be against you , you will get : 1000 Credits!
and the winner of the Final Battle in the PVP Championship will get 25,000 Credits!!!

When the event will be started the server will sort the players who joined to this battle random.
And every round the winner will stay , and the players has been defeated will be kicked out from this event.
Until will stay to players in the Final Battle.
The other players will be registered to this event and waiting for their battle can watch the other battles in this arena!
For every battle will be given maximum of 5 minutes, and if the times-up and there will be no winner (who reaches 3 kills score).
The battle will end. The two participants will lose according to the round.

How To participate in the Championship
You need to create by using the chaos machine
PVPChampionship Invasion


To create the PVP Championship Invasion
You need to get Archangel Battle stone
This stone has a Global drop in the game.
you need to combine this stone in the chaos machine to create the PVP Championship Invasion!

And go to talk with the [PVP]Championship NPC in standing in Lorencia 123,146


To entry and to participate the [PVP]Championship you have to be at least 15 Resets!

The Winners in the Final Round will be noticed in 📜Match History of ArchangelMu!⚔️

 ⚔️ Good Luck Everyone , Cya in the BattleField! ⚔️




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Now you need to create PVP Invasion by your self!

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