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ArchangelMu | Devias Castle War

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Devias Castle War
Dear ArchangelMu, In this topic we will learn about the Devias Castle War Event.
The event is active on Monday at 22:00 and on Friday at 03:30 server time.
In this event you have to take a control on the Castle of Devias
AndΒ the guild will owned the Thorne of the King Must of the time will win the event!

Out side from Devias you can find 3 Gates that will Teleport you into Devias Castle

The Gates will take you into 3 Different Locations, based on the gate you choosed to teleport with.
After that you will find this entry gate for the castle.


Inside the Castle you will find the thorneΒ of the king and right now all you have to do is to sit on the Thorne to take a control on the castle.
By typing the Command /KingMuΒ πŸ‘‘


The guild that sits the longest on the chair will win, in addition to the five players who sat on the chair the longest will also win the event!Β πŸ‘‘
1.The Event is running for 30 Minutes and the winning guild will get 10,000 CreditsΒ  per each member!
2. The Top5 players who sat the longest on the chair will win 2,000 Credits!
3. Note: You requierd to have atleast 5 members online in your guild to participate this event.

The winning guild will be noticed at the Match History of Devias Castle in ArchangelMu! 🏰

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