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ArchangelMu | Archangel Arena Full Guide!

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Archangel Arena
hey guys in this guide we will learn about the Archangel Arena Event that start every 3 hours in our server.
Archangel Arena is an event that you can earn a lot of Arena Points by killing Monsters & Bosses.
Every 3 hours when the event will begin a 16 cursed monsters will be spawned in 16 cages and after you will defeat them you will be able to earn Arena Points!
(Cursed - means they are much stronger than the regular mobs!)

Cage number 1#: 250 Arena Points
Cage number 2#: 350 Arena Points
Cage number 3#: 500 Arena Points
Cage number 4#: 600 Arena Points
Cage number 5#: 700 Arena Points
Cage number 6#: 800 Arena Points
Cage number 7#: 900 Arena Points
Cage number 8#: 1000 Arena Points
Cage number 9#: 1250 Arena Points
Cage number 10#: 1500 Arena Points
Cage number 11#: 2000 Arena Points
Cage number 12#: 2500 Arena Points
Cage number 13#: 3000 Arena Points
Cage number 14#: 4000 Arena Points
Cage number 15#: 4500 Arena Points
Cage number 16#: 5000 Arena Points

You can find the cages in the top sideΒ ofΒ - Arena City

Bosses - ArchangelΒ Arena
when the Archangel Arena event will begin also there is a Boss Spawned!
During this event aΒ Cursed Goblin will be spawned and after you will defeat him you will earn some Arena Points
And anotherΒ stronger boss will be spawned instatly!
the bosses will be spawnedΒ sort byΒ the weakness boss until the strongest boss in the game!
In this event you will find all of the bosses in-game spawning include their Drop & Arena Points Bonus!

You can find the Bosses Spawn Area in the top side gate at Arena!

Boss Spawn Rewards:
Cursed Goblin: 100 Arena Points
Huge Budge Dragon: 250 Arena Points
Super Galaxy Malphite: 500 Arena Points
Death Skeleton King: 750 Arena Points
Ice Golem: 1000 Arena Points
King Of Atlans: 1500 Arena Points
Shadow of Hell: 2000 Arena Points
Anubis of Tarkan: 2500 Arena Points
Dragon of Icarus: 3000 Arena Points
Aida Tree: 3500 Arena Points
Breesker Wolf: 4500 Arena Points
Demon Sapi Queen: 5500 Arena Points
Darkness Knight: 6500 Arena Points
Arkania Dragon: 7500 Arena Points
Darkness Pegasus: 8000 Arena Points
Diamond Pegasus: 9000 Arena Points
Infernal Guardian: 10000 Arena Points

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