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Full Commands Guide:
Hello Warriors This Guide will show you all the commands that players can useΒ in ArchangelMU!
There are commands which cost Arena Points, Zen, Credits, and some commands can be used only by VIP.


Characters Commands
/addstr - add points to Strength

/addagi - add points to Agility

/addvit - add points to Vitality

/addene - add points to Energy

/addcmd - add points to command

/resetstats - this command will reset your stats and you can refill your pointsΒ again.
This command has no cost, its free!

/reset - will make a Reset to your character and you will be able back to level 1 and grants more stats to become powerfull!
Each reset will grants your character +100,00 Arena Points, and bundle of random jewels.

/masterreset - make 1 Master Reset. Every Master Reset will grants you 20K/25K(VIP),Β  credits andΒ +50K HP.

/reset auto - will make your character reset automaticly when he reach level 400.

/pkclear- Β cost 1,000 Arena Points

/evo - This command will Evolve your Character into 2nd ClassΒ \ 3rd Class
This command cost: 1,000,000 ZEN.

/info - type the character name you would like to get information on.

/lock [Password] - to Lock your Items & Inventory, this command is good if you giving someone access into your account.

/unlock [Password] to unlock the Inventory you have set with a password.Β 

/setparty [Password] - To create party that players will be able to join from any map.

/joinparty [Password] - To join a party from everywhere, any place you go.

/pack - With this command you will be able to combine bundle of jewels.

/unpack -Β With this command you will be able to dismantle bundle of jewels.

/re auto|on|off - reciving requests automatic / on / off.

Event Commands
/answer - to Answer on the Question in the Quiz Event.

/join - If there is a GM who opened a Event you will be able to join the event with this command.
this command will teleport your character directly into the GM location.

/Fight - to join to the Kill for All event , [Open by GMS]

/KingMu - To take a control on the Devias Castle Thorne of the King!

Guild Commands
/war - To start a War against other guilds.

/soccer - To play soccerball in Arena against other guilds.

@> - To Type a global chat for your guild members!

Chat Commands:
/post - to Type in Chat that will appear for everyone is logged in to the game.
~ - To type in the chat for your party allies
@ - To type in your guild members chat
@@ - To type in your Alliance Guild chat

Vip Commands

/change - This command will change your valut into another one [Max 3 Valuts]

/openbank - This command will open your storage valut without using NPC from anywhere in safe zone only.

/gift - This command will give you a gift for purcashes VIP!

/helpplease - will summon monster to help you killing


Regards, ArchangelMu.
Thanks to @Stylish, for helping us to making this guide.


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