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ArchangelMu | Devil Square Guide

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Devil square

What is Devil Square:
Devil Square is an event to test the strength and stamina of MU Online players.

How to enter the quest:
To enter the event, you need to create the Devil Square Invitation. 
You can create this item by searching Devil Key and Devil Eye, along with jewel of chaos you can combine all items on Chaos Machine.

Required Items:
image.png.d973681636f90d3a3bbaf8e7cb0b1d05.png X1 Devil Key +1~+7
image.png.781b53ec3f66235bd4243bee9d44ff1b.png X1 Devil Eye +1~+7
image.png.d1694e4433d808e56b9c28fe4bca88fc.png X1 Jewel Of Chaos 
Items drop in every map from every monster. The stronger the monsters, the higher the level of the item.
You must combine Devil Key and Devil Eye at the same level.

Devil Square Invitation:
With this Item you will be able to entry into the devil square.

Event Time:
Event times appear in the Archangel Event board ("H").
A few minutes before the event starts, a global message will appear. Then you have to go to Devil Square NPC which can be found in Noria (172,104) and Lorencia (142,140).
And give him the Devil Square Invitation item.


A menu will open and you can only enter where your item level required.

  Levels Entry:                                     MG/DL

After teleportation to Devil Square map, time is given to prepare for the battle and create a party from the participants present.


You must kill the monsters and survive until the end of the event. The monsters bring a lot of exp and come frequently.
Every 5-7 minutes stronger monsters will appear.


The event lasts about 20 minutes. You can make reset inside and stay in place (reset/auto command).
At the end of the event you will receive a reward of 300,000 Arena Points!


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