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Resetting a character in the game (Reset)
After Characters reached level 400 they can go back to Level 1 and than you can keep get more points in your stats
by using command /reset or with doing "Reset" in the Account Panel at the site: https://ArchangelMu.com

Reset Information:
1. To make reset required character level 400.
2. Have the required number of Zen in your inventory.
3. after you will be doing a reset you will be get start to your main city.
(Lorencia, Noria, Elbland)
4. Stats is not reset, you can keep all the way again until you reach [100,000] Max Stats.
5. You don't need to take off your Items while doing reset.
6. You don't need to take off Items from Personal Store.
7. There is no limits for doing resets.
8. its possible to do "Auto Reset" by using the command /reset auto

x9999 Server : 1000 Arena Points per reset. (Limited to 150 reset daily)

Additinoal Information:
After you will make reset you will stay in your same location.
After you reach (1000 Resets) at total you will be able to do Master Reset by using the command /MasterReset
Master Reset will grants your character +100,000 HP & 10,000 Credits as reward!
You can do maximum 10 MResets per character!

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