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Party game
Playing in the party (party) - a way to play MU Online, in which different players can form a group and travel the world together. Hunting together will allow you to defeat extremely powerful monsters, which are very difficult or almost impossible to defeat alone. And playing in the party, you will find that playing in a group with players of different classes helps you to develop faster.

  • Players can create their own party from level 6, but you can join a party from any level.
  • The party can have a maximum of 5 people.
  • When in a party, the experience gained is divided between the participants in certain proportions. *
  • * In a party with a player of a different class, you will get more experience after killing monsters. This is a feature of MuOnline . It's more profitable to play in a team.
  • Party Members can pick the items of each other,Β drop is shared.

Party experience
When you party with the Dark Knight, Dark Wizard , Fairy Elf , Magic Gladiator , Dark Lord , Summoner and Rage FighterΒ at the same time,
you will receive additional bonus experience for the full-party .

  • The class should be diffirent to gain the special party bonus experience.
  • If you are same class in party you will get the regular exp bonus for party members.

Party Bonus EXP
This is the party bonus exp table per members.

Regular Party:
2 Members - 110% EXP
3 Members - 120% EXP
4 Members - 140% EXP
5 Members - 150% EXP

Special Party:
2 Members - 120%
3 Members - 140%
4 Members - 160%
5 Members - 180%

How to create a party

To do this, type "/ party" in the chat window, move the mouse cursor over the player you want to party and press Enter. In this case, you need to be no further than a step away from the player you invite. A player who has received an invitation to join the party can agree or refuse it.

Method two: press the "D" key and in the quick commands window, press the "Party" button. Move the cursor over the invited player and click the right mouse button.

You can constantly receive invitations to join the party while playing MuOnline. If you do not want this, you can disable such requests by typing the command "/ request off". If you want to receive invitations to party again, just enter the command "/ request on".

Leaving the party
You can leave the party at any time. To do this, press the "P" key, and then click the "X" button opposite your name in the window with information about the party.

Party conversation
To communicate with party members, insert a "~" sign in front of every message that you want to send only to them.

For example, "~ ArchangelMu Rulez!"
Regards,ArchangelMU !

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