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Guild play is an important part of MU Online. Guilds are communities of players who help each other through the game. Some guilds are created to bring together the strongest players. Guild rules are usually determined by the guild master or set by him during guild creation.

How do I create a guild?
It's simple. You need to go to the NPC guildmaster located in Lorencia & DeviasΒ and create a guild. Of course, there are several requirements for creating a guild.image.png.a58e4210f5324db6050282e35c9aef52.png

  • The level of the player creating the guild must be at least 300.
  • The guild name cannotΒ contain spaces and other characters and words prohibited on the MuOnline server.
  • Opening a guild does not have cost, but you canno't destory more than 1 guild which means, you can open only twice a guild.

Guild emblem
After talking with the NPC guildmaster, you must enter the name of the guild and draw a guild emblem (icon). Once the guild name and emblem are created, they can no longer be edited. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you consider this carefully. Otherwise, you will have to create a guild again.

A quick guide to guilds in MU Online

  • The maximum guild capacity is 10% of the guild master level.
    (If if the level of the guild master is 350Β This means that there can be 35 people in the guild.)
  • The guild menu is called up with the "G" button.
  • To join the guild, approach the guild master with "D" and ask him to join the guild.
  • To start a guild wars type "/ GuildWar (guild name)".
  • To start Football Between Guilds, type "/ BattleSoccer (guild name)".
  • The guildmaster can write a message inside the guild using "@> and the text of the message"
  • The rest of the guild members can write to the guild chat by placing the @ sign in front of the message text.

How to disband or leave a guild
To disband or leave a guild press "G", and then with the cursor click on the "Dissolve" button in the guild window.
e careful! A disbanded guild is not restored and must be re-created.
if you are a member of a guild, then this button will be called "Leave", and after pressing it you will leave the guild.
If you are a guild master, then you can exclude other players from there.

Guild Wars

Command: /War (guild name)

The guild master has the ability and the right to challenge another guild to a duel .
As soon as the other guild accepts a duel, then members of both guilds can immediately attack each other. Guild wars is a unique feature of MU Online.

During a guild duel in MuOnline, war participants do not drop things and level up. If another guildmaster challenges you to a duel, an invitation will appear. If you do not wish to accept the challenge to the duel, you can cancel it by clicking "Cancel". During the game, you can receive invitations to guild wars all the time. If you do not want this, you can disable such requests by enabling the "/ request off" function. If you want to receive invitations again, just turn on the "/ request on" function.

Guild Football
Command: /Soccer (guild name)

Another way to settle disputes between guilds in MU Online is to play soccer .
In such a competition, each guild gathers a party of 1-5 people from each team.
They meet at the stadium and earn points by trying to beat each other (score goals).

The number of points is announced after killing a player from the other team (possible only on PvP servers) or after counting goals scored into someone else's goal.

  • Each goal scored is worth 20 points.
  • Each kill of an enemy player gives 1 point (only possible on PvP servers).
  • The first team to score 100 points wins.
  • + 500 Arena Points for each member in the winning guild!

Guild alliances
Guild alliances allow you to form alliances with each other, and then it will be easier for the alliance to conquer the Castle Siege in the Valley of Loren.
Each guild can have from one to 4Β allies.
A guild that agrees to an alliance must decide who will be the main guild in their alliance, as the subgilds will be considered subordinate to the main guild.
To determine the main guild for an alliance, both guilds must ask for an alliance with the main guild.

Alliances play an important role in the gameplay of MU Online and help during guild wars.

The guild master of the main guild will be appointed lord of Castle Siege when the alliance takes over.
Allied guilds become auxiliary guilds, which will allow you to more successfully defend the castle.
Members of alliance guilds can write to the alliance chat by putting @@ signs in front of the message text.
Allied guilds will be shown in green.

Enemy guilds
Some guilds can declare war on other guilds (guild wars).
When the challenges are accepted and the war is declared, t
hen all members of the warring guilds will see their rivals red as PK and can freely attack each other.
At the same time, there will be no penalty points or punishments for killing members of the enemy's guild.
Killing members of the enemy's guild during a declared war, you and them will not be awarded the status of PK.



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