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Battles (PvP)
The player versus player (PvP) system in MuOnline allows you to feel your superiority and uniqueness.
The ability to hunt other players or become a victim adds zest to the gameplay.

With the PK (Player-Killing) system, players can take part in battles with each other on servers that support such a system (non-PVP muonline servers are usually for new players and for those who do not want to fight each other using the PK system). Such a system will allow you to get rid of those who obsessively interfere (for example, when another player chases you and kills your monsters in order to pick up the dropped things from them and get experience instead of you). And also this system allows you to resolve various disputes between players.

Attacking another player is easy. While holding down the Ctrl key, click with the mouse on the player, which will allow you to attack him and inflict damage.

Self-defense system
If you are suddenly attacked by the enemy, then the self-defense system of your hero in MuOnline will become active.
You will see the inscription "Self-defense against (attacker's name) is set-up".
A player whose self-defense system is turned on will not be considered a killer, even if he kills the attacker. But if the attacker wins, then he will be assigned the PK status.

Types of statuses
The PK system punishes all players who kill repeatedly. The system assigns statuses to them. These same assassins, in turn, can be attacked by all players who want to earn the status of "Hero" (hero).

HeroΒ Β  : Experience Loss on DeathΒ - 2% , After 1 hour this stage will be cleared.
CommonerΒ Β  Β  Experience Loss on DeathΒ - 4%
1st stage outlaw (Warning)Β Β  Experience Loss on DeathΒ - 6% , After 3 hour this stage will be cleared.
2nd stage outlaw (Murder)Β Β  Β  Experience Loss on DeathΒ - 8% , After 6Β hour this stage will be cleared.
Player Killer (PK)Β Β  Β  Experience Loss on DeathΒ - 10% , After 9 hour this stage will be cleared.

In all other locations, only ordinary things can drop out of the character, which you can throw out yourself.
Excellent, Ancient, Divine, high-level items (from +6) cannot be dropped.

Hero and assassin statuses
Everyone starts out as Commoner with a white character name. Each time you kill a player, you will be awarded the corresponding status in the order shown in the table. Along with this, the color of your name will change accordingly. This takes into account that your initial status is "Normal" (Commoner). After each kill, you are awarded 3 hours of waiting to return to normal status. In Murder status, you will not be able to enter the store, and in Phonomania status, you will not be able to teleport to various maps of the MU Online world. The assassin is also attacked by NPC guards.

To quickly return to normal status, you need to kill monsters. For each killed monster, you are deducted the number of seconds of the penalty equal to the level of the monster. For example, for a killed Elite Yeti you will be charged a 36 second penalty.

If you kill PK assassins of different status, you will be awarded Commoner status and your name will turn blue. After killing three assassins and gaining Commoner status 3 times, you will receive Hero status and your name will be blue.

PvP Advantage
PvP options and Harmony & SocketΒ options give you a significant advantage in battles against your enemies.
Possessing things with these options, the player becomes much stronger in battles and often defeats his opponents unconditionally in ArchangelMu .

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