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Drop Zen Formula
If you kill monster there is a chance of 40% to get zen and 35% for VIP Users
But how to calculate how much zen the monster will be drop?
Its quite a simple, you should calculate the zen drop by this formula:

  • Monster Level X 3000 + %ItemsBonus .
  • for example if the monster is level 10 I will get 10X3000 = 30000 Zen.
  • If youΒ have 2 Items that will increase the zen drop by 10% the formula is : 12X3000Β = 36000 Zen.
  • Each Item that has Excellent Option to zen increase will give you a bonus of +10% zen.
  • VIP Users Zen Formula is : Monster Level X 4000

    Regards,ArchangelMU !
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