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Trading at MuOnline
Trade window between two players in MU Online
Trading is an important part of the MuOnline game. She can start your interpersonal relationships with other players and help you improve your equipment.

While playing MU Online, you may find yourself in a situation where you just need to trade Zen (a form of money used in MuOnline) or items with other players. When exchanging items, you can simply drop your item on the ground and another player can pick it up. However, for safe trading, it is recommended that you use the trading system implemented in MU. Go to the player you want to trade with press the "D" key and in the quick commands window press the "Trade" button. Hover over the player you want to trade with and right-click.

MU Online Trade Request
From time to time, you may be bored with someone's repeated requests to trade with you. In this case, you can block these requests by setting the "/ request off" function. This function will allow you to block invitations to the party, requests for trade, wars between guilds, etc. By setting "/ request on" you will be able to receive various requests again. After checking the items that the player has put in the exchange window, you can transfer your items that you want to exchange to the trade window and press confirm (the "O" button in the window). The exchange will be completed. You can cancel the trade at any time by clicking the "X" cancel button.

"Warning" - a warning from the MuOnline system that the player you are trading with has changed the item that was in the trade window earlier.
It will also disable the trade confirmation button for 10 seconds.

Trading system details

Zen quantity color
100,000 ~ 999,999 - Green
1,000,000 ~ 9,999,999 - Orange
10,000,000 ~ 999,999,999 - Red

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