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Archangel Members Shop β€‹πŸ›’β€‹β€‹

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ArchangelMu MemberΒ Shop

Hello everyone! In this thread I will introduce you to the member shopΒ system and how it works.
Each time you open a thread, comment, or be the first to comment - you earn points for it.



MemberΒ Shop
You will find the shop in shortcuts on the home pageΒ image.png.108256ffb4839aa4332f853001688f7c.pngΒ 
Inside the shop you will find 2 categories: forum and game server, within each category you can buy prizes for the points you earned.
The crewΒ managementΒ will update the items every few weeks. Also, note that there are items with a limited purchase quantity.
If you purchased an item in the game server category, you must comment here Member Shop reward Request

You can be updated on the number of points in your personal profile, in addition you can send points from user to user through the profile.Β image.png.961a95cf0f2ef1fea617405bec5f06d0.png


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