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ArchangelMU | Server Update 15th June .

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Dear ArchangelMU Community~!
Welcome to the NEW Update topic of 16/06/2021

ArchangelMu - New UPDATE Β 
Server EXP: X100 Β πŸ”₯
All Characters Stats & Resets is about to getting reset!
Items will stay in your character . Β 
All the characters in the server will start from LV1Β 
Arena - CLOSED!
Archangel Arena - CLOSED!
NEW SPOTS All over the maps!
New "Battle Arena" Event , New Updates , New Items , New Quests , New Content , and more ways to reach Items!
A lot of REWARDS for Players who reach 10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100 Resets
Tournament - Competition by the GMS !
NEW GUILD Support System
NEW PVM BALANCE (All classes will have Equal DMG Against bosses!)
Monsters are stronger by X5 HP X2.5DMG X2 Defense
NEW Systems and ways to FARM Arena POINTS!
All Items V2 Is getting sockets!
Items T1 Going to be 2 Sockets
Items T2 Going to be 3 Sockets
Items T3 Going to be 4 Sockets
Dark Items Going to be 5 Sockets
NEW Lorencia - Castle Β 
NEW Devias Castle WaR Map Β 
-> Archangel Evolution Stone <-
Will have NEW Ring SET Combination
-> Fenrirs V2 ?! = HOT <-
Feathers REWARDS!
Box of Kundun +10 ?! <3333
Kaiser Items [Items Evolution V3]

New Event Confirmed: [Hyper Spot] !
In this event you will be able to go into GRAND SPOT with your teamates!
Everytime you will kill the monsters a new stronger monster will be appear.
This event is very Similar to Devil Square but in this event is PVP!
In the Hyper spot you will be able to get X2 EXP and there will be much more stronger monster than DS & BC!

Press The Menu Button > Search Party !



New Search Shop System
You can open Shops while you are training your character in hunt zone.
And Buy & Sell Items :3



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