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ArchangelMU - X9999 Server Information

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ArchangelMU - Server Information
Server Season : X
EXP : X100
Drop Rate : 65%
Level UP Points: 7
Max Stats: 65.000
Master Level : 400
Master Reset: 100

Fully MuOrigin2 - ArchangelMU
ArchangelMU contains Fully MuOrigin2 Advantage based on the Classic MuOnline.
In Archangel you can Upgrade all of your Items into V2 by using Evolution Stones.
In ArchangelMu There is a 13 Tiers of Wings Evolution and you can evolve your wings and Upgrade it!
In ArchangelMu there is 10 Tiers of Archangel Divine Weapons that you can reach and receive from the Blood Castle .
Also you can find all of the Monsters Models from MuOrigin2 Adapted in our Server.

PVP Server Advantages
ArchangelMu Is PVP Server that you will need to kill players in the game for having rewards!

1. Completing Quests in the game will get for you a unique rewards and you will be required to kill players to skip forward this quests.
2. There is a lot of PVP Events in our Server that you can recieve Arena Points as Rewards and using them for buying Items in our special store.
3. Duel Bet with other players when you will challenge them for battle a trade will be opened between yourself
And there you can place there Items you wanna bet on them, the winner of the battle will get everything.

ArchangelMu - New Events
In ArchangelMu There is alot of Events that you can get rewards from!

Battle Royale
Start everyday at 18:30

In this event the players will be started without Items and without Skills.
When the event will be started and Items will be dropped random at the ground.
You will have to reach Excellent Items & Skills to kill the other players and the last player survive is the winner of this event.
Also you can get Jewels and Upgrade your Weapons! btw when you kill someone, like every BattleRoyale his Items will be dropped on the ground!
The Last Player Stands Alive | Reward : 20,000 Arena Points!

TeamFight Tactics
Start every  at 20:00
When the event will be started, all the players that has been joined to the TeamFight Tactics will be selected by the server to Teams.
Red Team & Blue Team - The team will has the must kills within 10 Minutes will win this event.
The Winning team will get 15,000 Arena Points per each member in the team!

Tournament PVP Championship!
Heroes, we would like to test who is the best strongest player in ArchangelMu!
Every week on Saturday 21:00 Server Time
Will be a tournament on our servers of PVP ChampionShip ⚔️
In This event there will be Battles against the players registered to this event in 1VS1
 and there is no-limit for the count of the players can be joined into this event!
The Battle will be until 3 Kill Score and the winner of the battle will skip to the next round until 2 players will fight in the Final Battle!
We have built for this special event special battle area and you can fight & watch the battles during this event!
For every round you will win the players will be against you , you will get : 5,000 Arena Points!
and the winner of the Final Battle in the PVP Championship will get 25,000 Death Points Reward!

When the event will be started the server will sort the players who joined to this battle random.
And every round the winner will stay , and the players has been defeated will be kicked out from this event.
Until will stay to players in the Final Battle.
The other players will be registered to this event and waiting for their battle can watch the other battles in this arena!
For every battle will be given maximum of 5 minutes, and if the times-up and there will be no winner (who reaches 3 kills score).
The battle will end. The two participants will lose according to the round.

Guild Wars
Start every Tuesday at 20:00 
When the event will be started all the guilds has been registered to this event
will be teleported into special map has been created for this event.
The guilds has to fight against each other and the guild will has the must kills in 15 minutes.
Will get 20,000 Arena Points Per Each Member in The Winning Guild!

Devias Castle War
Start every Monday at 20:00
This is a war in the Castle of Devias, every week the guilds in ArchangelMu
Will have to fight against each other and getting the thorn of the King!
The Guild will owned the Thorne for the must time after 30 minutes
will get 10.000 vip credits Per Each Member in the guild!

Bosses Invasion
In ArchangelMu You can find a lot of bosses are getting spawned every time in the Mu-World.
And after you will defeat them you will get a lot of Arena Points & Amazing Rewards!
You can find boss at all the maps in the game, there is boss for each map is excited in our server.
Kill Bosses & Make Rewards !


Archangel Arena
Start every 3 Hours in the game.
When the event will be started a strong cursed monsters will be spawned at Arena,
In 16 Diffrent Cages After you will kill the monster in the cage you will earn Arena Points!
Also you can find in this event a special Boss Spawn Area!
The Boss will be spawned by sort from the weeknes boss in the game until the strongest boss has been released!

ArchangelMu - New Features
Duel Bet System - When you will fight against other players in Duel, when the challenge will be accepted
a trade will be opened between yourself and there you can place an Items you would like to Bet on them, The Winner gets Everything!

Guild Warehouse - You can Storage an Items and share them between your guild members!
In the Chief Guild Master you will find your bank guild.

Quest System - You can also find an advantage of fully MMO RPG with our Quest System!
There is a Special Quests in the game that you can reciev Arena Points & Great Rewards by completing this quests.

Jewels Bank - There is an exclusive Jewels bank is made for storage your Jewels in Special vault!

New Maps - ArchangelMu Contains new Maps that never seen before are built by custom made.

ArchangelMu - Evolution System
as we said in ArchangelMu you can create a special Evolution Stones and upgrading all of your Items into V2.
After your Item will get +15 you can use a stone that you will create from the Chaos machine for Upgrading your Items!
After you will use that stone the Items will get back to +0 but the stats will be (+16) which means you can upgrade all of your Items into +30!
Animated GIF

Wings Evolution System
Same as MuOrigin2 In ArchangelMU there is 13 Difernt tiers of Wings Evolution for all the Classes!
You can evolve your wings by Using Special Graruda Feathers into their next tier only after they reach (+15)! 
image.png.72073fafbd357e2066e8b38c65ccb40b.png After you will combine successfully this Feather you can use it like a Jewel, just place in on your wings!image.png.72073fafbd357e2066e8b38c65ccb40b.png
For Example these are (Summoner Wings) Tier 13 will be a Private shu-shu.
You can also find a full guide over here:
And search for show Room items for each class
New Pets & Mounts 
 In ArchangelMu you can find a lot of New Pets & Mounts
also you can recieves a pet eggs by completing our special quests!Screen(12_18-22-16)-0006.thumb.jpg.185c9260542859aeb2f3d29152b4d1aa.jpgScreen(12_18-22-14)-0004.thumb.jpg.7b72d11adc1c51d8c2b23240bdc2dde6.jpg

Archangel Divine Weapons
Do you remember that Archangel Weapons of the Blood Castle?

Heroes, in our server you Upgrade your Archangel Weapons into [Tier 10]!
In ArchangelMu This Weapons can be evolved by using a special stone that is called "Archangel Evolution Stone" 
Into 10 Diferent Tiers > All of this Items can be Evolved 10 Times and there is no requirements for using this stone.
After you will Complete the Blood Castle in our server that's run every 2 Hours you will get this "Archangel Mystery Chest"
From this chest you will be able to recieve an Archangel Divine Weapons & Evolution Jewels is made specially for this weapons!
Divine Sword of Archangel | Divine Blade of Archangel | Divine Lance of Archangel
Divine Scepter of Archangel | Divine Staff of Archangel | Divine Stick of Archangel | Divine Crossbow of Archangel
Divine Claw of Archangel | Divine Shield (BK) of Archangel | Divine Shield (Elf) of Archangel
Archangel Evolution Stone:

This Jewel used for Evolve your Archangel Divine Weapons into their next tier anyways this Jewel has 70% Success Rate!

New Anchient Sets in-game:
We have been added all the Anchient sets from S15 called "Uber" into the game.
- there is a lot of options to combine with the new Anchient Sets!

ArchangelMu - New Jewels
With the New Jewels we have been added into the game you can find a lot of many New Options!
image.png.c9cfcbad4f600a93eb5199daa8916644.png Jewel Of Luck - This Jewel will add Luck OPT into your Items.
And you will be able to use it anytime on every Item for having Luck Option on your Items!
 (Price: 5,000 Arena Points)

image.png.e6e57fbffff1c9daa6545f220bb4b2b7.png Jewel Of Skill - This Jewel will add Skill into your Weapons & Shields.
And you will be able to use it anytime on your weapons for having Skill Option
 (Price: 3,000 Arena Points)

image.png.8e558cf0cb702e9f0a330fe8cae7169f.pngJewel of Dark Bless - This Jewel can be used only on Items (+0).
The Dark Bless Jewel has effect of (6 Bless) and it will increase your Items to +6.
 (Price: 10,000 Arena Points)

image.png.592b7240b37e6fbf119698198eb1faab.png Jewel of Dark Soul - This Jewel can be used only on Items (+6).
The Dark Soul Jewel has effect of (3 Souls) and it will increase your Items to +9. 
 (Price: 5,000 Arena Points)

image.png.bc959fc5f46ae78e7d5408c11ea94885.png Jewel of Dark Life - This Jewel can be used anytime on every Item.
The Dark Life Jewel has effect of (7 Life) and it will increase your Items Additional OPT to max Instantly! 
 (Price: 5,000 Arena Points)

image.png.5e1d8c1019df4171443266a939334a80.png Jewel Of Socket - This Jewel will add a Socket slot into your Items
And you will be able to use it anytime for having (3 Sockets Slots) on your Items!
 (Price: 100,000 Arena Points)

image.png.4655db5192bf5e95b8dce60793f30b73.png Jewel Of Excellent -  This Jewel used for adding 1 Excellent OPT for your Items
until its get into > (Full Options) This Jewel can be used only on (Items+9+EXC)
which means you have to make your Items (Full Options) before you go to the Chaos Machine and upgrading them to +15.
 (Price: 50,000 Arena Points)

Arena Master - Shop

In the Arena Master Shop you can buy Items within the Arena Points you have been earned!
The Arena Shop selling all the Jewels In game & Boxes of Kundun that you can upgrade your Items with!
For Example: You can buy Jewels of Excellent and upgrade with them your Items to Full Options.
Also you can find there a Special Summon Scrolls that allowed to you spawn the bosses In-game by your self.

Arena Socerball Battlefield!
We have built a special Soccerball Battlefield in Arena, so you can play with your friends against enemy guilds!
To Participate the Soccerball you are requires at least 5 guild members are online and in your party.
You can start & Play Soccerball anytime, and players can view the match. (by type the command /soccer [GuildName])
The Winning Guild will recieves 1000 Arena Points per each member as a rewards & the Master of the guild will get 2000 Arena Points!

ArchangelMu Contains : Grand Arena!
Grand Arena is much bigger map than the regular Arena in the grand arena you can find a lot of spots with useful monsters!
(We have opened all the closed areas and the map now is much bigger than you ever seen)

ArchangelMu - Christmas Events
Because we are opening the server at the Christmas (25/12) 
There will be a lot of special event we has built on the server, with unique Items & alot of rewards during this week! (25/12~02/01)
you can find more details & information about the specialist of this chritsmas events!

Technical Improves:
Graphics Improves: ArchangelMu Supported (1920x1080 - 64 Bit) which means the game looks in much better quality.
FPS Improved : ArchangelMu FPS Increased to 40 FPS which means the game is running much faster!
3D Camera: ArchangelMu Contains 3D Camera to give the users better experience with their gameplay.
QeffectsGL: ArchangelMu contains a special Effects SYSTEM that's making new effects for Items / Monsters / Pets & Wings!
Anti-Lag System: With press on "Page-Up" button in-game you can disable\enable all the effects & skills for having better experience with no lags. 
Free-Game Mode: With press on "Page-Down" button in-game you can disable\enable all the buttons \ the Interface Menu!
Memory Reduce: CPU / Memory Usage has been reduce to 35MB from 400MB In different to other server, our server is protecting your computer
 and your computer won't be damaged or won't be under a risk while you playing this game, ArchangelMu!

AntiHack System: ArchangelMu Contains strong Anti-hack system is made by GameShield.
And we are fully protected and we are getting quick support within any problem will be at the game by Lovley Wolf team.
**Please read the Terms of Use before you download the game**

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