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Archangel | BattleRoyale Event! - Complete Guide

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ArchangelMu - BattleRoyale  Full Guide

Hello Heroes and Welcome to the BattleRoyale Event Guide!

In this guide we will explain how the event works, how to register, how to play, and what prize you can win!

BattleRoyale is a unique and very strategic fighting event that allows all players to play inside the prison we have built for you.

The players who participate in the event are equal in strength!
it does not matter if you are a level 1 player or if you are level 400 with 20 resets - there is no difference at all

I mean in this event - everyone is equal and everyone can participate in anylevel or anyreset!

The BattleRoyale - Event Timer
Start everyday at 18:30 | 00:30 | 04:30
The event is designed for up to 100 participating players at MAX.

Just like in other Battle Royale games you are familiar with like COD, PubG, Fortnite.
In the BattleRoyale of ArchangelMU You will  get started with no-items and no-skills at all.

During the event, items, potions and jewels fall at random.

And of course in the Battle Royale games you are already familiar that the last one that survives and stays on its feet wins the event!

So, let's start with the explanations! 
When you will join to this event by talking with the Black Wizard NPC all of your Items will be cleared until the event will be done.

(Don't worry all of your items and stats will come back to you at the end of the event or as soon as they kill you.)

Each player stats will get started with Full Stats (100,000) Its dosent matter if you just created your character.

To Enter into the BattleRoyale
You will need to find this "Archangel Battle Stone"
This stone has a global drop from all the mosnters in the game .
This Battle stone is a ticket for all the PVP Event of ArchangelMu!

To enter for this event, you must teleport to - Lorencia (148,135)
There you can find the Black Wizard is be waiting for you
To register for the event, you have to talk to with him!

After you talk to him he will send you to the soccerfield - the BattleRoyale will start at this map.
And after 2 Minutes the event will be started (BTW You can play soccerball just for fun until the event will be started 😝Screen(12_15-09-40)-0001.thumb.jpg.e8b8b6a3daa56d96038b5d931a2f876d.jpg)

When the event will be started an Items will be dropped random - Item fall non-stop to all the characters!
So as you can see, Excellent items, jewel, skills and wings are falling!

Each player builds a set, acquires weapons, finds wings, acquires skills and improves their items by jewels,
And all of this is done during the event, So you have to be stronger to survive and win!
You got it right? The Winner of the Event BattleRoyale is the Last Person Stands Alive!
And from the moment the event begins you can start to kill the players!
BTW If you kill someone all of hes Items will be dropped on the ground !
REWARDS : 5.000 vips credits   for The Winner of this event!

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