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ArchangelMu | Guild Wars - Full Guide

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βš”οΈΒ ArchangelMu | Guild Wars - Full GuideΒ βš”οΈ
Event start every Monday at 04:00Β andΒ Thursday at 18:00Β server time.
In the Guild Wars Event you will need to kill enemies guild members.
The guild will has owned the must kills in this event will be the winners of the event.
To join the Event you have to talk with "The Adviser of The King"Β located atΒ Lorencia [130,121] :


After that you will be teleported to the "Awating Room" there you can buy Potions and see your guild enemies.
The Guild Wars event will be started after 2 minutes .


When the event will be started all of the players from all the guilds has been join to this event will be teleported to the event map.
Every guild will has a diffirent spawn location


Now you have 15 Minutes to kill the enimes in the guild against you !
As you can see there is a notice of the correct scoreboard for each guild.



The Guild will has the must kills after 15 Minutes will be the winning guild of this Guild Wars.
The Winning Guild Rewards is : 5,000 CreditsΒ Per EACH PLAYER!


1. This is a Guild Wars , NO ALLIANCE even if you are in alliance the other guilds will be your enemies .
2. There is no limit for the requierd character to play in this event.
3. This event maxed for (20 Guilds) at all - and capped for Min (2 Guilds).
4. You will be teleported out after 1 minute from the end of the event.

Enjoy,ArchangelMU - Best MuOnline PVP Server!




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